What’s The Number One Thing Holding You Back?

Average Joe's Fitness - What's The #1 Thing Holding You Back?



As the owner of a 24/7 commercial gym, I’ve heard them ALL

I’m too busy with work…

My kids keep me too busy…

I have no time to get to the gym or workout…

I try getting up in the morning but it’s too hard…

etc, etc, etc…

I had a gym member send me an email the other day, saying “Despite good intentions, it is apparent that I will be unsuccessful in attending the gym. Please cancel my membership.”

Important aspects of our lives (like our health) require more than “good intentions”.

Imagine if we took that approach in other areas of our lives?

“I’m sorry son, but despite good intentions, it is apparent that I will be unsuccessful as a parent, good luck in the future”

“Terribly sorry boss, but despite my best intentions, it is apparent that I won’t be successful in making it to work this week.”

It sounds ridiculous, because it IS.

We only get one body, take care of it or one day you may regret it
There is a saying that goes “Those who do not find time for exercise, will one day have to find time for illness”.

I get that life is busy. I run a 24/7 gym on my own, have an online coaching business, teach self-defense seminars on the side, and have a wife, 3 kids, a hobby farm and a BIG yard out in the country.

And guess what…



Because my health is important to me.

…….I want to be around to see my grandkids.

…….I want to be healthy enough to do the things I want physically without feeling like a winded old man.

…….I LIKE feeling strong

…….and I want my wife to find me attractive (call me vain if you must, but you’re a LIAR if you say you don’t feel the same way about YOUR spouse or partner)

So how do I do it? I MAKE TIME FOR IT.

It’s in my weekly schedule.

You see, your excuse is that you don’t have time, but that’s a lie.

The truth is we all have the same amount of time in a day.

We MAKE TIME for the things we deem important to us.

So let me ask you a couple of questions…

How much television do you watch in a week?

How many ballgames or other sporting events do you watch on TV?

How many hours a week are you scrolling through your Facebook feed?

How many hours are you on Netflix?

How many hours do you spend on the internet doing useless things?

I bet you could find an hour or two a week for something as important as taking care of your body, don’t you think?

Food for thought…

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About the Author

Chris J Friesen

Chris Friesen is a gym owner, personal trainer, online fitness coach and former "fat dad" living on 60 beautiful acres of countryside in rural Canada.

He specializes in helping busy parents shed body fat quickly, WITHOUT becoming gym rats OR giving up the foods they love to eat.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids, sitting in his hot tub out in the snow with a glass of bourbon, and yelling at his (many) misbehaving barn cats.

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