Weight Loss: I Have Tried Everything

Weight Loss: I Have Tried Everything

Have you tried everything to lose weight?


Weight loss can be difficult and it takes a lot of effort, plain and simple. It also takes a lot of attention to detail the more weight you lose, as your body begins to fight back. Nutritional approaches such as the Ketogenic diet, low carb, intermittent fasting, or paleo are all valid approaches to fat loss nutrition, however there is nothing magical about any one of them (contrary to what you may have read).


They are all simply tools that you can use to create a calorie deficit so that you lose weight, plain and simple. The real trick of picking an approach is, does it make sense for you, and can you sustain it over the long haul, as this is what is necessary to see lasting weight loss changes.


At the end of the day, the most successful diet strategy will be whatever approach is most sustainable for you, as this long term consistency is ultimately where all the results lie. However, I often hear one phrase from frustrated people who can’t seem to lose weight.


That phrase is: “I have tried everything but nothing seems to work”. I get it, weight loss is hard and it is extremely frustrating when you don’t get the results you want.


However when the list of things you have tried only includes juicing, fad diets, low-carbs, excessive amounts of cardio, etc. then it’s clear you haven’t actually tried everything. You see, weight loss is a journey and there is no quick and simple trick that will make the pounds magically disappear. After all, if it took you 10 years to gain the weight, what makes you think that you can magically shed all those unsightly pounds in 60 or 90 days?


So what do you do if you feel that you have “tried everything” but nothing seems to work?


#1: Track Your Calories


My first question to those who are frustrated with weight loss is usually this:

“Ok, so have you tracked your calories and macros to make sure you are in a caloric deficit?”

This is usually met with a few consistent responses:

“Oh no I’ve never tracked calories, that’s too much effort!”

“No as I’ve heard that food quality is what matters, so I make sure to eat ‘clean’ ”

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“Yes I have but calories just don’t seem to work for me, I track and I still can’t lose weight…”


Calorie counting is key, and the most important factor, when it comes to losing weight and getting fit, there’s no way around it.  In fact, you can get shredded on a diet of twinkies and pop tarts if you really want to, as long as you remain in a calorie deficit (please note I’m NOT advising you do this if you value your health). If you tell me that logging your food is too much effort, you are essentially telling me that your health and goals are 7210 d0ddf91729bab16362ea0a38c03ce237not worth the effort.


Weight loss takes consistent effort to accomplish, so you have to be able to put in the work if you want to see results. Calories apply to every individual, period. So when someone tells me that calories “just don’t work for them, it’s clear that they haven’t actually tracked them or put in the effort. So how can you properly track your calories?


  • Use 1 of the thousands of calorie tracking tools out there like My Fitness Pal, Lose It or Fat Secret to start tracking how many calories you are actually eating & drinking over the next 7-14 days.
  • Take the average amount of calories you’ve been eating & drinking for that amount of time and use an accurate BODYFAT CALCULATOR and BASAL METABOLIC RATE CALCULATOR to see if you’re eating the right amount of calories each day to lose weight.

#2: Double Check Your Calories


I cannot stress to you enough how important tracking your calories is. It’s proven to work time and time again, as long as you are completely honest and follow the process. The most important thing to remember is that you want to be as accurate as possible, even if you are eating more than you should be on any given day. 


I cannot emphasize this point enough, if you are being inaccurate and/or untruthful, you are only lying to yourself, and sabotaging your own progress.


  • Double check and make sure you counted your calories correctly by re-checking the serving sizes and portions of your food.
  • Triple check your calorie counts by using 3 different calorie counting tools to see if they all give you just about the same results.
  • Quadruple check your calorie counts by having someone else count your calories for you. That way there is no room for error.
  • Whenever you THINK you’re eating less than your calorie targets and you still can’t lose weight then you more than likely miscalculated your calorie intake. So always, always double check!

Remember as well, that the longer you accurately track your food intake, the better and faster you will become at it. In fact, you’ll most likely find that you are eating the same 10-12 things over and over again, which will make your tracking easier as well.


The Takeaway


In short even when you think you have tried everything, there are always more options. Honestly it all comes down to discipline, effort, and consistency. As long as you are counting your calories and working out efficiently, you will lose weight! Just make sure that you are accurately counting your calories and putting in real effort, that way you can see the results you want.


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About the Author

Chris J Friesen

Chris Friesen is a gym owner, personal trainer, online fitness coach and former "fat dad" living on 60 beautiful acres of countryside in rural Canada.

He specializes in helping busy parents shed body fat quickly, WITHOUT becoming gym rats OR giving up the foods they love to eat.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids, sitting in his hot tub out in the snow with a glass of bourbon, and yelling at his (many) misbehaving barn cats.

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