The Top Strength Training Myths

The Top Strength Training Myths

The Top Strength Training Myths – When it comes to fitness, there is a surprising amount of myths and misinformation. However this is especially true when it comes to strength training. One of the most popular weight lifting myths that I’m sure you have heard once or twice is that “Weight lifting makes you bulky”.

And this myth has made a lot of people steer clear of strength training altogether. But I’m here to tell you that it’s just that, a myth. In fact strength training can actually help you to speed up the fat loss process and get you to your goals much quicker and easier. Additionally, strength training is excellent for improving bone density, joint mobility, and body composition. So let’s debunk some of the most common weight lifting myths.

1. Muscle Can Turn Into Fat

This is an extremely common weight lifting myth that is just plain false. Muscle and fat are two totally different types of tissue, so even if you slack off, that hard-earned muscle won’t turn into fat. However, with lack of use, muscle cells atrophy, or waste away.

However, that doesn’t mean that muscle turns into fat. Basically if you lose muscle mass, you’ll burn fewer calories per day. And if your calorie intake remains the same, the excess food energy that is not burned can be stored as fat.

2. Lifting Weights Will Make You Gain Weight

This is more of a misunderstanding than a myth. You see, you achieve that “lean” and “toned” look when you have lost fat to reveal the lean muscle underneath. But often times that means you gain muscle mass, which in turn can make the numbers on the scale go up. However it’s important to keep in mind that the scale can only measure one thing, your weight.

While the scale can tell you how many pounds you are losing, it can’t tell you how much fat you are losing. So while seeing the numbers go down on the scale can be a good feeling, it isn’t always accurate. You could be losing valuable muscle, which burns fat, instead of actually losing fat. Strength training will help you achieve a slimmer and leaner figure. So it’s important to keep in mind that the numbers on the scale don’t necessarily correspond with your progress.

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3. Lifting Weights Makes You Bulky

This is the most common weight lifting myth, and it’s simply not true. First let’s talk about how much effort it takes to maintain and build muscle. You would need to make some serious alterations to your diet, be on a strict exercise routine, and much more in order to maintain that “bulky” look.

Additionally, women have a much lower testosterone level (the growth hormones needed for building muscle) than men. Which means they are a lot less likely to achieve that bulky and muscly look. While you will build muscle through strength training, it will help you achieve a much leaner and trimmer physique.

The Strength Training Myths Takeaway

All in all, there are a lot of misconceptions surrounding strength training. However, you shouldn’t let these myths stopn you from experiencing all the amazing benefits of weight lifting.

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