How to Get Motivated to Workout at Home

Workout at Home Chris Friesen Average Joe Fitness

Staying motivated to workout can be a hassle, especially when working out from home.


When the couch is just within reach, it can be difficult to get yourself motivated to begin your workout and stick to it. While resisting temptation and staying motivated can be tough, there are a few strategies to help get yourself in the right mindset.


Workout at Home Chris Friesen Average Joe Fitness

Find a Routine that Works for You


Finding a routine that works for you can be tiresome; however, it is a crucial step when trying to motivate yourself to workout at home. There are certain workouts that you may find yourself enjoying, and others that may not work out as well. Doing a little research goes a long way, and can help improve your overall fitness experience.


Take some time to figure out what activities you enjoy doing and go from there. There is a wide variety of fitness apps, websites, and videos to choose from; so don’t feel discouraged if you don’t find one that fits you right off the bat. All it takes is a little research and self examination to find a routine that you will enjoy and maintain.



Workout at Home Chris Friesen Average Joe Fitness

Create your Space


When you don’t have a set space to workout, like you would at a gym, it can be difficult to begin your routine. Creating your own personal studio in your living room or basement can make a world of a difference. Simply rearranging some things and putting down a yoga mat can help get you in the right mindset. Make a comfortable space for yourself to work out in and remove all the distractions that might stand in the way of your routine.




Using small rewards in order to motivate yourself to workout isn’t a crime. In fact, giving yourself a little reward after a workout creates a neurological ‘habit loop’. This neurological response increases the likely hood that your workout routine will become a habit. Whether its an episode of your favorite TV show or a delicious treat, giving yourself a reward after a hard workout can have amazing benefits.

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Find a Community


Having a strong and supportive fitness community can help drastically improve your motivation to workout at home. Having a few other people who are pursuing the same goals as you can help inspire you to do that workout you have may been putting off. Sharing a quick tweet or posting a picture after you complete your workout can help you build a community of supporters. When you have someone to share your achievements with, the whole experience becomes more enjoyable.


Go Halfway


Sometimes starting a workout is most of the battle. If you really don’t feel like working out, try telling yourself that you will just do half of what you usually do. Most of the time, you will end up completing the whole workout anyway because all you really needed to do was get started.


Workout at Home Chris Friesen Average Joe Fitness

Final Thoughts


Motivation is key when it comes to working out at home, and while it can be difficult; hopefully these tips will make the process a little less stressful. Finding a routine that you enjoy is one of the best ways to stay motivated, and its worth certainly worth the extra effort.


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