Discover How These Busy Working Moms Lost 21.2 Pounds Of Pure Body Fat On Average, Without Giving Up Their Favorite Foods Or Even Going To The Gym 
I'm not even joking:
These ladies were eating ice cream, drinking wine & exercising in their living rooms less than 2 hours a week...
And they got these results in just 12 weeks...
26 pounds lost 
in 12 weeks!
16 pounds lost 
in 12 weeks!
27 pounds lost 
in 12 weeks!
11 pounds lost 
in 12 weeks!
Can I ask you a couple of hard questions?
Check any boxes where the answer is YES:
Do you sometimes hate your body and how you look?
Are you often fed up with how you look and feel?
Do you feel like your significant other is less attracted to you than when you first started dating?
Do you think sometimes that you will never be happy with how you look in the mirror again?
If you answered YES & checked ANY of the boxes above, you NEED to keep reading...
Allow me to introduce you to:
The Fit Mom Method!
A transformation program based on the exact same nutrition and training principles that enabled the four ladies at the top of this page to turn back the clock and get their high school bodies back.
In just 12 weeks you will:
  • ​Effortlessly lose all those extra pounds while eating and drinking pretty much whatever you want (Hint: Some ladies lost more than 30lbs)
  •  Build muscle (in a good way) and tone your body with simple at-home workouts, so once you lose the weight there is no loose skin
  •  Install sustainable eating (and lifestyle) habits that will ensure you keep improving your physique and health long after your 12 week transformation program is over
Pick A Day That You Absolutely LOVED How You Looked, And Only 100 Days From Now You Will Be Looking Better Than That!
And it’s not hard. HONESTLY.

I mean, sure, if you have never lifted anything heavier than a spoon you will probably need a week or two to get used to exercising 3 times a week… 

But that’s it.

Other than that, everything else will be a walk in the park. You will:
  • Be eating pretty much anything you want
  •  Have to exercise a few times a week, but it won’t be torture (I promise)
  •  Have all the support and motivation you need, from me and other women who are going through the same process
The Fit Mom Method Works Because It’s Specifically Designed For Busy Working Moms
Life After The Fit Mom Method
The Fit Mom Method isn’t just another quick fix that is going to help you get in shape for summer or for an upcoming wedding (although it can do that too)… 

It’s the lifestyle.

These new training and eating habits (or better, tweaks) you are going to make during the program are so easy to follow that you will have no reason to break them after the transformation is complete.

In the long run, this means that you will:
  • Maintain your perfect weight all year long and look equally attractive in your bathing suit or all dressed up for New Year's Eve
  •  Be able to torch extra pounds at will and easily fix the ‘damage’ caused by holidays and other periods of excessive eating
  •  Become THAT woman that eats whatever she wants and still looks impeccable while other ladies around her starve themselves trying to look as good (Warning: This might cause some envy… But hey, that’s how it works)
  •  Feel more confident than you ever have before, and use that self-esteem to move up the ladder on your job, expand your social circles and have more fun and a more fulfilling life in general
  •  Have all the knowledge needed to help your sister, mother, friend or any other woman you care about turn her life around and start living healthier, happier life without trying too hard (Because nothing feels better than helping others, trust me)
Now tell me – Isn’t this exactly what has been keeping you from crushing all your goals this whole time?
If you're still reading this, you're only a few clicks & a few short weeks away from the best shape of your life. 

Are you ready to take that first step!?
Here's exactly what you get when you join 
The Fit Mom Method:
Here's exactly what you get when you join The Fit Mom Method:


 That’s what makes The Fit Mom Method so effective. This is how it works:

The Fit Mom Method Nutritional Protocol eBook
The Nutritional Protocol is the cornerstone of The Fit Mom Method. This 18-page PDF explains the theory behind the two nutritional foundations of the FMM - Intermittent Fasting and Flexible Dieting. It suggests suggests some unorthodox but insanely effective practical steps like skipping breakfast, eating only two times a day at specific times.

Fat-Torching At-Home Training Program (with Coaching App)
Inside of the membership area you will find a workout PDF for every workout day of the program. These PDFs include the list of exercises for that day with detailed training instructions and links to exercise how-to videos. The workouts will also be delivered to your smartphone via my coaching app on workout days (available in Google Play and the Apple App Store), where you can add all the important info and track your progress and results throughout the program.

Smartphone Training App 
Take The Fit Mom Method with you everywhere you go and never miss a workout – whether you are at your friends' place, on vacation, or anywhere in between.

All the workouts will be delivered to your smartphone on workout days for ease and accountability. You can even track your nutrition with the built in Nutrition Tracker which contains over 600,000 food items!

In-App Nutrition Tracker
Never spend another day without knowing what you ate and how many calories you’re consuming! The In-App Nutrition Tracker I’ll give you access to contains almost any food you can imagine.

Keep track of your food consumption goals and achieve the peace of mind of knowing that you’re ALWAYS on track!
Calorie and Macronutrient Calculator 
Calculate how many calories you should be eating every day quickly and easily with my Calorie and Macronutrient Calculator. 

Doing this will exponentially speed up your results (There is no math here, no worries… You just need to type in your current bodyweight, goals, and daily activity levels and let the calculator do the rest). I’ve engineered the calculations using formulas that I’ve tested on hundreds of clients to obtain amazing results – in two words, THEY WORK!

The Fit Mom Method Recipe eBook
containing 52 delicious and healthy recipes to help kickstart your healthy eating habits.

  • ​Steak bites
  • ​Easy bacon & egg muffins
  • ​Sea salt & vinegar zucchini chips
  • ​...and more!

The Fit Mom Method Dessert Recipe eBook
containing 31 delicious, healthy and guilt free dessert recipes, including:
  • ​Be-Thin Mint Cookies
  • ​Healthy Hostess Cupcakes
  • ​Peanut Butter Cookies
  • ​...and more!

Daily Habit Checklist
There are 6 habits I will be encouraging you to install during the program, and this little checklist will make it easier for you. Simply download it, paste it on your fridge and check off each daily habit once they have been completed for that day.

Access To My 20+ Years Of Fitness & Fat Loss Experience
You got questions?

I've got answers!

Included in the 28 Day Fat Shredder System is 24/7 direct access to me via the In-App Messaging System for questions or concerns...
Access To Our Private Facebook Group
 + Lifetime Access To The Membership Site AND ALL FUTURE UPGRADES

All tied together with The Fit Mom Method Program Manual!
This manual will allow you to follow the workouts and the nutritional strategy faithfully and consistently - allowing you to smash your goals!
AND you'll also get...

Average Joe's Fitness eBook Trio:
  • ​Keys To Success
  • ​Simplify Your Diet For Supercharged Results
  • ​The Calorie Backloading Fat Loss Method
I Only Take A Limited Number Of People Into The Program To Make Sure I Can Create A Tailor-Made Experience For EVERYONE!
This Is The Last $37 You're Going To Spend On Weight Loss.
That's my promise to you.
This isn’t the lowest price for a weight loss program on the internet, I know that…

But think about this for a second:

Picture all the money you’ve spent on gym memberships, organic groceries, sketchy supplements, superfoods, and the list goes on…

What about all the expensive clothes you’ve had to give away or throw out simply because they don’t fit anymore?

When you add it all up, the cash you’ve spent is no longer a drop in the’s more like a leak in the bathtub.

You see, your current shape is costing you more than you can possibly imagine.

So, while the Fit Mom Method isn’t the cheapest body transformation program around, it WILL also allow you to save hundreds of dollars each month by eliminating:
  • ​That gym membership you only use every other week ($500+)
  •  Sketchy supplements ($500+)
  •  The offensively high prices of “healthy, natural” foods (often adding $300+ to your usual grocery bill)
And it’ll only be a matter of time before you can slip back into all your favorite clothes that you outgrew.

When you consider the monthly savings you’ll receive from joining the Fit Mom Method, suddenly the one time $149 investment for 3 months of effortless fat loss IS a drop in the bucket...and you’ll have lifetime access to all the tools, recipes, workouts, and fat loss strategies that are waiting for you.
In a nutshell, The Fit Mom Method is the final $37 you’ll ever have to spend 
on your health, fitness, fat loss, or muscle building goals.
Here's what some of the women who have tried The Fit Mom Method had to say about it…
27 pounds lost in 12 weeks!
"This program impacted me in a huge way in regards to the importance of nutritional numbers. I used to just “eat less” and any weight loss achieved was short lived. 

This, combined with Chris’ knowledge, accountability and your own desire to achieve is what makes the program successful."
26 pounds lost in 12 weeks!
"When I started working with Chris, I weighed in at 216 lbs. I began eating differently, and making much healthier choices.

After working with Chris for 12 weeks, I weighed at 185 lbs. I could not be happier, and physically feeling better by the day!

Thank you Chris for your help and guidance!"
14 pounds lost in 12 weeks!
"September 6th, 2017 was my start date to being honest with myself. I was not happy with myself. I hadn’t liked what I saw in the mirror for a long time already. 

I dressed to hide my body as much as I could. And my feet and knees constantly ached - the extra weight was not helping.

Honestly, I don’t like working out. I hate sweating, and the idea of going to a gym does not appeal to me.

I follow the SIMPLE eating plan Chris designed. And when I have bad days, I don’t quit. I start over the next day and try to do better.

And change is happening.

Not only has the scale started to go down, but I feel better about myself. My bad knee is growing stronger, and I no longer have to modify as many things.

The inches have started coming off, and my clothes have started getting big on me.

With Chris’s program, I don’t miss out on anything. I can still enjoy family meals without guilt, and know that I’m still on track with my fitness goals. 

I’ve lost weight and inches, and gained muscle and self confidence.  

If you’re reading this and thinking “maybe I should try it”, I REALLY encourage you to.

Just try it, you WON'T be sorry!"
23 pounds lost in 12 weeks!
"Everything is attainable with workouts you can easily do at home and an eating plan that's not overly restrictive!

Intermittent fasting was a new concept and still challenging in week 4 BUT what a difference maker compared to other avenues I've tried! 

The only "equipment" I needed was some free weights, some runners, a timer, towel and about 20-30min 5x/week! 

When paired with proper nutrition, results WILL happen! Some came quickly and some after months of consistency. 

I was able to enjoy all foods (like my coffee, chocolate or a good BBQ) and I didn't have to break the bank eating healthy. One of the biggest take aways for me is that when I do give in to too many snacks one evening, enjoy a meal out or hit a dreaded plateau is that I haven't quit.

I haven't failed or fallen off some wagon. I'm enjoying the moment and will pick up where I left off the day before. That's how realistic Chris and the nutrition and fitness approaches are!

In total I lost 23lbs and almost 40", so of course I would highly recommend this program for anyone, especially those stay at home mama's without access to a gym or a lot of extra time."
16 pounds lost in 12 weeks!
"With Chris’ help, I transformed my body. I was a size 22 before working with Chris, and now I am an 8-10, depending on the style of the clothes and the store. 

I am more confident in my body now than I have ever been in my adult life! I had an eating disorder when I was a teenager, and I carried body image issues around with me up until working with Chris. 

Through this experience of working with Chris, I feel like I am a new woman and a better mother. Thanks Chris!"
11 pounds lost in 12 weeks!
I came into this program not really knowing what to expect. I am so thankful this is a lifestyle change, not a quick fix. I love it that I gained muscle as I lost fat and felt great doing it. 

The number on the scale is not as crippling as it once was and I see changes that I had not been able to achieve on my own for years. 

I appreciated your knowledge and all that you taught me regarding how macros work and how they need to be adjusted to continue seeing results."
100% 14-Day Money Back Guarantee
If you follow our system for just 14 days and you don’t start feeling better & begin seeing results, you’re entitled to get your money back. With The Fit Mom Method it’s simple – in 14 days you have your sexy back or your money back! 

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