Fat Loss – 5 Tips For Rapid Fat Loss

Fat Loss - 5 Tips For Rapid Fat Loss

A lot of people think that the only way to lose weight is to go on a strict diet and exercise program. While this is true, it is also important to understand that losing weight is not just about changing your eating habits or exercising more. The truth is that you need to change both your eating habits and your lifestyle if you want to lose weight and keep it off. Here are five simple tips for losing weight that you can start doing right away:

1. Eat 5 smaller meals instead of 3 large ones. By eating smaller meals throughout the day, you will get a sense of satiety which means that you will feel full after each meal. This is especially important when you are trying to lose weight because it will help you to eat less overall.

2. Eat your protein with every meal. Protein helps to slow down the rate at which your body burns calories so that you can burn off the fat you have stored in your body. Eating protein with every meal will also help to make sure that you don’t become deficient in any of the essential amino acids.

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3. Drink plenty of water. It is important to drink lots of water throughout the day because it flushes out toxins and helps to keep your metabolism going. Drinking too much water can actually cause you to retain water and put on even more weight than you already have.

4. Get enough sleep. Sleeping for 7 hours a night is enough for most people, but if you are trying to lose weight then you may need to get more. If you are sleeping less than 8 hours a night then you are putting yourself at risk for being overweight.

5. Make sure that you are getting all of the essential nutrients that you need. You can do this by taking a multivitamin that contains the nutrients that you are missing.

About the Author

Chris J Friesen

Chris Friesen is a gym owner, personal trainer, online fitness coach and former "fat dad" living on 60 beautiful acres of countryside in rural Canada.

He specializes in helping busy parents shed body fat quickly, WITHOUT becoming gym rats OR giving up the foods they love to eat.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids, sitting in his hot tub out in the snow with a glass of bourbon, and yelling at his (many) misbehaving barn cats.

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