Don’t Get Caught Up In The “Fast Results” Hype

Average Joe's Fitness - Don't get caught up in the fast results hype

Don’t get caught up in the “fast results” hype that is so prevalent in the health and fitness industry.




People are way too impatient for results, and they are often willing to do almost anything it seems, to fast forward to their goals, whatever they may be.

Anything that you achieve, in virtually any area of life, that will actually last for the long term is going to take time for you to accomplish.

You’re going to make mistakes…

You’re going to get sidetracked along the way…

You’re going to lose focus at times…

Life is going to knock you down…

That’s ok because it’s part of the process. As long as you get up again you’ll still get there.

Don’t get so focused on your goals that you miss out on all the lessons that the process will teach you.

Don’t stop living your life. Don’t give up on enjoying simple moments with family and friends.

…Having a beer with an old friend you haven’t seen in awhile

…Enjoying a piece of your son or daughter’s birthday cake

…Savouring an ice cream cone on a hot summer day

Life is too short to deprive yourself of everything in pursuit of a goal.

Having a plan and sticking to it consistently is the “one simple trick” that everyone is looking for in the fitness and fat loss industry.

It’s the “silver bullet” that will bring you success, regardless of what life throws your way.

I firmly believe that you can have your cake and eat it too. It’s simply a matter of structuring your diet and training properly, and then being consistent with it 70-80% of the time.

Throughout the 3+ years that elapsed between where I was (200 pounds at 35% bodyfat), and where I am now (145 pounds at 12% bodyfat), I didn’t give up eating the things I love.

…I still enjoyed my favourite bourbon and beer on a regular basis.

…I still ate burgers and fries (with an extra side of mayo for dipping of course :))

…I didn’t achieve this on a diet of chicken breast and brown rice. If I felt like having dessert, I did.

The key is that I had a plan, and I stuck to it consistently…….stubbornly…….and I never gave up.

I made mistakes along the way…

I got sidetracked once or twice…

I lost focus at times…

Life knocked me down more than once…

But you know what? I got up every time.

I’m still not where I want to be. Or where I know I will be 6 months or 2 years or 5 years from now.

My focus and my goal isn’t on a static, “after” picture. It’s constantly evolving and changing.

That’s how it should be.

And at the end of the day, I’ve learned more from the process so far than any textbook or college degree could ever give me……

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About the Author

Chris J Friesen

Chris Friesen is a gym owner, personal trainer, online fitness coach and former "fat dad" living on 60 beautiful acres of countryside in rural Canada.

He specializes in helping busy parents shed body fat quickly, WITHOUT becoming gym rats OR giving up the foods they love to eat.

In his spare time, he enjoys spending time with his wife and 3 kids, sitting in his hot tub out in the snow with a glass of bourbon, and yelling at his (many) misbehaving barn cats.

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