Do You Let Hardships Sidetrack You?

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2 years ago I broke my leg really badly…


I was at the local skatepark on a particularly lovely fall day with my wife and kids, and I thought it was a great idea to give the mini ramp a try, although my wife disagreed.

One of these days I’ll learn to listen, I swear 🙂

I was quite good at skateboarding in my teens, and I spent quite a few years on a board with friends in the summertime. My dad even built me my own halfpipe when I was a teenager, which was VERY well used.

I was 40 years old at this time (although apparently I thought I was 15), and I decided to try a couple of “easy” tricks on the ramp to see if I could still pull them off.

I dropped in on the ramp, rode smoothly up onto the other side, tapped my trucks over the coping on the ramp and then proceeded to shift my weight backwards, lift the front trucks over the coping again and begin the backwards descent.

……At which point everything fell to pieces

I guess my balance at the age of 40 wasn’t quite what it was at the age of 15, and I collapsed inwards towards the ramp, while my leg buckled underneath me and folded in on itself!

I landed in a heap on the ground, immediately sat up and looked at my foot in absolute HORROR, to see my foot bent completely sideways at a 90 degree angle to the rest of my leg.

I remember vividly, as the shock set in, that I would be totally fine if I just twisted it back quickly, as if this would somehow magically reattach bone, tendons and ligaments.

I grabbed my foot and twisted it back into proper position sharply, and stood up to assess the damage.


For the next 4 or 5 nights I would wake up in a cold sweat. I would hear the cracking and popping, as well as “feel” everything in my foot being FORCED back into alignment, tendons and ligaments slipping and snapping over one another as I roughly jerked them back to where they should be.

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Obviously, once I stood up I came to the realization that the damage was done and we proceeded to hurry to the local emergency room, where they began the process of assessing the damage and figuring out what the next step would be.

To make an even longer story a bit shorter, I was sent for surgery the next day to tie the bones together and get me into an air cast for the next 8 weeks.

I COULD have thrown in the towel at this point…

I COULD have made excuses for how I COULDN’T train for the foreseeable future…

I COULD HAVE, nobody would have blamed me for doing so in the LEAST…


This video was taken the DAY AFTER my surgery was completed, TWO DAYS after the injury happened.

I was still on hydromorphone MULTIPLE times per day (Google it, that s**t is POWERFUL)


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