All You Need To Know About Intermittent Fasting

All You Need To Know About Intermittent Fasting

Intermittent Fasting

I’m sure you have heard all the buzz surrounding intermittent fasting. After all, it’s an eating plan that allows you to eat the foods you love while maintaining a lean physique. One of the most appealing factors of intermittent fasting is being able to eat the foods you want, within reason of course.

But what exactly is intermittent fasting? Are there any real benefits of intermittent fasting? Many people aren’t aware of exactly what intermittent fasting is and how it works. So let’s get into the details and talk about some common questions surrounding intermittent fasting.


1. What Is Intermittent Fasting?

Let’s start with the most basic question, what exactly is intermittent fasting? Well basically it’s the practice of going an extended period of time taking in zero calories. Usually this means drinking only plain water and either black coffee or tea.

Fasting isn’t really a new concept, so it’s pretty easy to understand how intermittent fasting works. There are many different variations of IF (Intermittent Fasting), it’s all about finding what works for you. Most beginners start with the 12/12 method. This method involves fasting 12 hours a day and eating within a 12-hour window.

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2. Does Sleeping Count Towards The Fast?

This is a pretty common question when it comes to intermittent fasting. And I am happy to tell you, yes! Sleeping hours absolutely count towards the fast. So for the 12/12 method, let’s say you had your last meal sleepingbeautyat 7 p.m. Then the next morning at 7 a.m. you have breakfast, you have successfully completed an intermittent fast!

It’s all about finding what method works best for you. Whether that means the 12/12 method, 16/8 method, 20/4 method, etc. Once you find a schedule that works, stick with it.

3. The Benefits

Intermittent fasting also comes with tons of great benefits. Let’s talk about a few of the most common benefits of IF.

  • More Fat Burning: Many studies have shown that intermittent fasting promotes greater fat burning and fat loss, which is a huge plus! Even if your total daily calorie intake remains the same, fat burning will be accelerated.
  • Keeps Your Brain Sharp: Keeping your brain sharp and focused can be a difficult task, however IF may help you do this. Many studies suggest that IF helps prevent short-term and special memory loss and can reduce brain damage and functional impairment in animals.
  • Adherence: One of the main reasons intermittent fasting is so popular, is because of how easy it is to stick with. Another great thing about IT is that it’s a diet you can easily get used to and stick with for the rest of your life. In fact, you can see many healthy benefits from doing IT for the long term.

The Intermittent Fasting Takeaway

Put simply, intermittent fasting is just alternating cycles of abstaining from food and eating it. It helps enhance fat loss and fat burning, and it’s easy to stick to. Experiment with the various methods of intermittent fasting and figure out what works best for you. If you do decide to stick with IF for the long term, I guarantee you will get to see many great health benefits!

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