Parents, Are You Up for My 28-Day Fat Loss Challenge?
Last Month Participants Lost 12.5 Pounds on Average, Without Giving Up Pasta, Burgers, Alcohol and Other Good Stuff
(Don’t Even Try to Tell Me That ‘You Don’t Have Time’, Because the Guy in the Picture (Me) Has a Wife, 3 Kids, Runs 2 Businesses, and STILL Does This)
Being a Parent Isn’t an Excuse for Giving Up on Your Body

Dear Parents,

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy getting older.


I am getting smarter, falling in love with my wife over and over again and proudly watching my kids grow up.

Life really is good.

The only thing I hate about this unavoidable process called aging is my inability to lose weight as easily as I used to.

You know, careless 20-year old me didn’t have any problems with this…

I would eat carbs and drink alcohol like my life depends on it during holidays and, naturally, gain some weight. But unlike now, all I needed to do in order to see my abs again was to do some cardio for a few weeks. 

That’s it.

Never in my wildest dreams did I think that someday I’d be 35-year old daddy Chris with a beer belly that no diet or exercise could remove.

I guess I skipped that biology class…

This is the point where most people say ‘Hey, that’s how it is goes’ and settle for their new bodies.

Some of them even come up with creative excuses like ‘My kid just loves to play with my soft stomach’

But not me.

I was into fitness ever since I can remember and I simply couldn’t stand seeing this flabby guy every time I looked in the mirror.

It became obvious that I couldn’t follow my ‘Eat 6 meals a day and train like an animal’ method anymore, but I was determined to find another way to get my old body back. 

Finally, after months of intensive research, I discovered something…. A method that goes against everything I (and 90% of fitness experts) believed in.

I swear, I was literally laughing while reading this book because of how ridiculous it all seemed at the time. That’s how much sense these theories made then.

But you know what? I decided to try it anyway. 

I had nothing to lose… Taking another look at that stomach that was spilling over my belt and that I was holding in my lap gave me all the motivation I needed. 

So I started following this new (crazy) diet & training method.

And guess what happened?

But it wasn’t this result that made me realize I had something special in my hands… It was the ease of achieving it.

Believe it or not, I didn’t have to starve myself, avoid my favorite foods or eat the same foods over and over again. I just made a few small tweaks to my current diet – and that was it.

How awesome is that?

Fast forward to today, I have created the 28 Day Fat Shredder Program because of my passion to help other parents who aren’t in love with the person they see in the mirror every morning transform into one they are in love with.

I teach people just like you the exact same principles I used to get my fit body back and, as you might guess, they work for them too!

With that being said, I am officially inviting you to join the movement!

All you need to do is click on the button below and sign up:

Here Is Why I Said That This Method Goes Against Everything I Believed in:
- You are allowed to eat pretty much everything. I was eating meat and pasta (and had quite a few beers along the way) but I was still losing 3+ pounds a week

- Workouts are short and require no heavy weights (All you need is your own body weight and a pair of dumbbells)

- You'll never feel like you are ‘on a diet’. It’s so easy to follow that, after a few days of adaptation, you never feel cravings or a need for ‘cheat day’
Here Is What A Few Of The People Who Have Gone Through The Program Had To Say...
And Here Is Exactly What You Get When You Sign Up:
  • 5 weekly "Fat Shredder" workouts delivered to your smartphone (includes detailed instructions and video demonstrations of all exercises)
  • No equipment needed other than your own bodyweight and a set of dumbbells. 
  • 20 different workouts per month. Never get bored with your workouts again!
  • Take the guesswork out of your training program. Let my 20+ years of experience fast track your fat loss results!
  • Access to my super simple Fat Loss Nutritional Protocol that still allows you the flexibility to eat the foods you love. 
  • Access to the In-App Nutrition Tracker (contains over 600,000 foods). Track your food intake for even better fat loss results.
  • Access to the closed Facebook Group for support, questions and accountability.
  • Access to special offers from my other programs which are NOT available to anyone else!
  • Cost: $40/month with no commitment
So, What Do You Say?
Are You Willing to Give Your Body One More Chance?

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